There’s a new team in town!

Published 3/7/2011
By: MaryAnn Bernard

Initiating a full FASD Diagnosis Support Team has been a great evolution for MOFAS!  Starting January 1st, the new team members are: MaryAnn Bernard, Mary Jo (MJ) Hofer, and Mary Jo Spencer.  The goal is to increase the support to the Diagnostic Clinics so they can do their best FASD diagnosis work.

MaryAnn Bernard, Training Director at MOFAS, is spearheading the leadership of this team, under Sara Messelt, Executive Director of MOFAS. MaryAnn is based in Duluth, and you may know her from her many education projects at MOFAS. She has been particularly involved with MOFAS FASD education for health professionals, including recent collaborations with the University of MN, Twin Cities and Duluth, and University of Wisconsin, Madison/CDC FASD Great Lakes Regional Training Program.


Mary Jo (MJ) Hofer, Diagnosis Specialist, is filling a newly devoted 0.5FTE MOFAS staff position, and will form the bedrock of this team. She will gradually become involved in all areas of FASD diagnosis support at MOFAS. You will see her first in her new role of performing outreach to all FASD diagnosis clinics. While MJ Hofer is new staff at MOFAS, she is well-known to many of you. She has directed the innovative FASD Clinic at Lakewood Health System for more than 15 years and has presented around the state on all aspects of FASD. MJ has collaborated with MOFAS on many projects, most notably as the Lakewood manager for the recently completed MOFAS Community Grant project. MJ Hofer is based at Lakewood Health System in Staples, in central Minnesota.

Mary Jo Spencer, Clinical Consultant to MOFAS, will continue in her current 0.25% contract with MOFAS, and will hone her focus to the expanding clinical needs around FASD diagnosis. Mary Jo S. will be facilitating the MOFAS task force to review and update the FASD diagnosis criteria, as well as continue to support clinics in adding FASD to their practice, consult to the MOFAS FASD diagnosis consortium and on other MOFAS issues related to FASD diagnosis. Mary Jo S. is based in the Twin Cities. Additionally, through the Department of Pediatrics at the University of MN, she is in clinical practice as a pediatric nurse practitioner for children foster care and other out-of-home placements at St. Joseph’s Home for Children Clinic in Minneapolis.



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