MOFAS is a Core Essential Service to Many

As the leading voice for the FASD community since 1998, MOFAS has provided valuable resources and support to thousands of families statewide, trained hundreds of providers so FASD is better understood, and worked to ensure that all women know that there is no safe level of alcohol during pregnancy.  Time and time again we hear from parents like Ann-Marie, a mom of five adopted kids with FASD, who says, ” Families like mine need MOFAS.  We need to connect with others who live lives similar to ours, and we need the training and education that MOFAS provides so that eventually, everybody understands”.   Sounds like a core essential service to me!

Unfortunately, the pending state government shutdown could disrupt vital services and support that families and individuals living with FASD have relied on MOFAS to provide.  Programs like our family retreats, provider trainings, work that our Family Resource Coordinators do in communities all around the state, and ongoing public awareness activities might need to be cut or temporarily eliminated.    MOFAS receives a significant portion of our funding through a contract with the Minnesota Dept. of Health.  If the government shuts down, this contract doesn’t get paid.  MOFAS will not be able to sustain all essential programs and services that matter most to families impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure. 

What can you do?  First, please contact your State Legislator and Governor Dayton and urge them to compromise in balancing the state budget in order to avoid a state government shutdown. Not only will a state government cost Minnesota millions of dollars, but it could disrupt vital services and support that families and individuals with FASD  rely upon.  To contact your Legislator, visit contact Governor Dayton, visit

Second, make a donation to MOFAS.  Join the Circle of Giving.  Help us to diversify our funding.  This is the only way that MOFAS will be able to continue to provide, improve and hopefully expand both our prevention and intervention work.  It’s really easy –  go to  Your generous contribution will go directly to where MOFAS needs it most – to support families, trainings, public awareness efforts and advocacy work; right now, right here in Minnesota.   Thanks!

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