Navigating the Transition to Adulthood for Teens

Navigating the Transition to Adulthood for Teens with an FASD

As children with an FASD become adolescents, they are potentially at risk for a variety of poor outcomes. These may include criminal justice involvement, drug or alcohol usage, difficulty gaining and maintaining employment, victimization by others, and the lack of an appropriate and healthy peer group. It is critical that these adolescents receive appropriate information, guidance, and support to navigate the transition to adulthood. In addition, many of these young men have not met peers facing similar issues and challenges.   

As a means to address this need, The Village Ranch Child and Family Services is seeking participants for a support group for young men ages 15 – 17. The group will be led by Dr. Tim Wright.

The groups will be open ended and will offer therapy and support around issues such as healthy sexuality, boundaries, peer relationships and the daily struggles of growing up with FASD.  Dr. Wright will meet with potential clients prior to starting the group to determine if the group would be a good fit. Teens who are 14 will attend either a younger group that is currently being held or the older group, depending on their developmental level. Group dates and times will be determined depending on interest. All groups will be held at the Anoka office. For more information please contact Dr. Wright at

The cost of the sessions can be billed to medical insurance. For families that still require financial assistance, there is some aid available through MOFAS.

This is a great opportunity to help our sons address issues that are important to discuss and reinforce. The time is NOW!!


“Dr. Wright has provided a valuable therapeutic experience for our 16 year old son. Whether the topic is personal hygiene, controlling angry outbursts, or relationships with peers, Dr. Wright presents information in a warm, understandable, and entertaining manner which has put our son at ease. He is very aware of the pitfalls for individuals with FASD and is able to develop a curriculum that builds on strengths and informs regarding potential problems. His expertise comes out of years of working with a wide array of adolescents including many with an FASD. I highly recommend the services of The Village Ranch Child and Family Therapy.”

– Appreciative Parent



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