Marissa Bertram LangSpecial Projects Manager

Cheryl CrosbyOperations Assistant

Jenn Feiges, Senior Program Assistant

Michele FournierChemical Health and Program Coordinator

Kendra Gludt, MPHSenior Grants Coordinator

Emily Gunderson, Director of Communications

Emily LittleTraining Coordinator

Alexa McIndoe, Communications Coordinator

Sara Messelt, Executive Director

Macae Mobraten, Operations Assistant

Mary Margaret Reagan-Montiel, Senior Family Engagement Manager

Ruth Richardson, Director of Programs 

Mercedes Rider, Senior Clinic Coordinator 

Jennifer Stieve, Director of Finance and Administration

Sue Terwey, MSEarly Childhood Screening Project Manager

Margaret WaddellCertified Nursing Assistant



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One in thirteen women drink alcohol while pregnant."”
– CDC, 2012