Marissa Bertram LangSpecial Projects Manager

Shauna FeineTraining Coordinator

Melissa Fredin, Family Engagement Coordinator, 507-272-0964

Kendra Gludt, MPHSenior Grants Coordinator

Betty Green Crow, Family Engagement Coordinator, 651-917-2370

Emily Gunderson, Director of Communications

Jordan Hempel, Youth Assistant

Connie Jorgensen, Family Engagement Coordinator, 320-251-7272

Amy Lange, Family Engagement Coordinator, 651-917-2370

Geralyn Laurie, Family Engagement Coordinator, 701-226-6684

Alexa McIndoe, Communications Coordinator

Sara Messelt, Executive Director

Isaac Mullin, Operations Coordinator

Paige Robson, Community Grant and Event Coordinator

Ruth Richardson, Director of Programs 

Mercedes Rider, Senior Clinic Coordinator 

Amy Schlager, Family Engagement Coordinator, 507-841-1030

Jennifer Stieve, Director of Finance and Administration

Catie Triviski, Senior Chemical Health Program Coordinator

Margaret WaddellCertified Nursing Assistant

Mary Weaver, Family Engagement Coordinator, 218-495-2396

Sheila York, Family Engagement Coordinator, 218-820-5903



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As a parent of children with FASD, I have often felt isolated within my community. Professionals often do not understand. Friends become distant, neighbors just tolerate us, and even family or fellow church members make remarks that cause tears to flow.”
– Laurie, parent