Screening & Diagnosis

Research is clear that early intervention can help identify problems or potential problems that may threaten a child’s developmental foundation and lead to additional delays and deficits later in childhood. Learning the full extent of a child’s disabilities can help parents and teachers prepare for challenges ahead, open doors to social services, and provide a greater understanding and acceptance that can lead to more realistic expectations and contribute significantly to positive long term outcomes.

Why is Screening Important?

MOFAS works to reduce the risk of prenatal alcohol exposure and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders by advocating for universal screening for prenatal alcohol exposure in a variety of settings.  Learn more about screening for FASD. 

Why is Getting a Diagnosis Important?

An accurate diagnosis can help get the services and support needed to be successful.  It can provide greater understanding and acceptance.  And it can lead to more realistic expectations and contribute to more positive long-term outcomes. Find out where to get a diagnosis. 

MOFAS Diagnostic Clinic

The MOFAS Diagnostic Clinic is here to help families and caregivers answer their questions and provide support before, during and after the evaluation process.  Find out how to make an appointment. 

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It’s important for providers to hear a clear message about alcohol and pregnancy.  You can’t assume that all providers have all the right information.

– Carol, Health Partners

Training & Webinars

MOFAS is the statewide source for comprehensive, customized trainings on FASD for professionals.

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Family Support

We provide guidance and support for families living with an FASD.

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We host events, classes, support groups and more across Minnesota. There's something for everyone.

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