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MOFAS understands the challenges families living with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) face. MOFAS offers people with an FASD, families, and caregivers a wide variety of supports, activities, and resources to help guide and support you through the FASD journey.

Family Engagement Coordinators

Our Family Engagement Coordinators (FECs) are just a call or email away.  Each FEC can help you and your family by answering your questions and concerns and offering one-on-one support. Contact an FEC for help.

Virtual Family Center

Connect with other parents and caregivers from around Minnesota in a supportive online closed Facebook group. You can find answers and resolve problems, get advice on navigating complex systems, and connect with others who are walking the same path. Request to join the VFC.

Family & Youth Activities

Being around others that understand is important. MOFAS provides ongoing family friendly activities for birth, adoptive, foster, and kinship families and caregivers as a way to foster stronger families, build networks, and meet other families.  Specific activities geared for young adults living on the spectrum provide recreational and hands-on program opportunities to have fun and hang out with new friends.  View our current family and youth activities.

Support Groups

Gather with other parents and caregivers of children affected by an FASD to informally share resources, insights and support. We have all kinds of support groups for families, birth families, adoptive/kinship caregivers, and more. Come to a support group near you. 

Resource Directory

The Resource Directory is a searchable database of FASD-friendly professionals and programs in Minnesota. This tool uses Google Maps to narrow your search and make it easier to find service providers close to home. Find a provider in your area.

Resource Guide

The Resource Guide is a tool where you can search detailed information about services you may qualify for and topics related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Find answers in our Resource Guide.


MOFAS has a wide variety of resources on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) for you to access. This includes books and videos, brochures, local and national resources, and more. View our resources.

Changing Course

MOFAS offers Changing Course as an educational, supportive series for women who drank alcohol or used drugs during their pregnancy. Find out where there is a Changing Course near you.

Birth Mothers Network

The Birth Mothers Network is a group of women who serve as mentors to one another, and support one another in recovery. Collectively, they seek to overcome the stigma of alcoholism, addiction, and FASD. Join the Birth Mothers Network.

MOFAS Funded Family Support Programs

Each year, MOFAS provides grant funding to organizations and agencies throughout Minnesota to provide specific programs to help individuals living on the FASD spectrum with life and social skills like managing money, staying safe and healthy, behaving appropriately in social situations, solving problems, and understanding why they need to follow rules. See what socials skills groups are available.


Get in touch with MOFAS if you have questions or want to know more about our supports and resources at or 651-917-2370.

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None of my friends walk in my shoes. Nobody really understands what I go through. However, in the MOFAS Dealing with Addiction Support Group, I have found amazing people who truly “get it”.

– Dealing with Addiction Support Group, parent

Training & Webinars

MOFAS is the statewide source for comprehensive, customized trainings on FASD for professionals.

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Family Support

We provide guidance and support for families living with an FASD.

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We host events, classes, support groups and more across Minnesota. There's something for everyone.

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